As I look back at the year, I think I have met each objective this semester, through reading, writing, speaking, and thinking. For reading, I once again found deeper meaning in the texts I read. I learned to apply it to my life instead of just reading it. I now see how they apply to us and the world, and what I can do with the information. I still can improve on this though. I often found myself in texts like Death of a Salesman struggling to see some themes. I may have been because I wasn’t trying hard enough because I hated the book, which was a roadblock for me. So I definitely can still improve upon that. In writing, I’ve improved a lot. I’ve learned to write analysis papers. I used to only write fictional papers but throughout this year I’ve progressed and I think I can write analysis papers better. Through the papers like the disposable People and adversity essays, I’ve improved and become better at analyzing these parts in order to create writing. I could improve because I usually don’t like writing these types of papers, and if I did I think I would be better. Those roadblocks stopped me, because I didn’t like them. In speaking, I learned how to entertain an audience and persuade them. I met this objective well, because I conquered my fears and delivered a powerful and fun speech. I got more comfortable in that position through the persuasive speech, where I knew a lot about the topic and felt prepared. I can still improved by being more engaged with the audience. I think a roadblock was my eye contact because I need to look at the audience more. In thinking, like reading I learned to analyze things and look deeper to see beyond just the words. The analysis papers helped me grow because I read books and watched movies that allowed me to see deeper and become better at thinking critically. I still need to improve upon thinking though, as my roadblocks were that I didn’t want to think or analyze the text and movies because I didn’t like them. I just needed to get past that a actually try to think and find a deeper meaning.

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