I have already written posts about the project including technical information, source code, and the program being run.

When thinking about what to do for this final, I wanted to make something that would be useful. I wanted people to benefit from it and actually be able to use it. I thought about making a game, because it would be cool, but I still wanted something people would find useful. I wanted people to use it in the real world and actually benefit from it in some way. That’s how I settled on a Mortgage Amortization Calculator. I knew people could use it in the real world to help solve their problems. It wasn’t just a quiz or a game to find cool, because it has real life meaning.

With the mortgage calculator, I would be taking the user’s mortgage cost, time, rate, and interest to determine the rate (monthly or yearly) payment. It will run it through some equations. The base program t for this is just taking the input listed above from the user and giving them the monthly, or yearly, payments. It would just be the basic information needed, so the person could know how much it would cost them each month or year.

The other features would include:

  • Printing final info nicely including duration, total payment, total interest, total principal,
    and rate payment. This gives them more information on how much money they would pay in the end.
  • Asking user if they want an Amortization Table and print one if they do. Include
    time period, money to principal and interest, rate payment, and the
    remaining balance. This lets the user see where their money is going for the whole duration of the loan.
  • ¬†If the user pays monthly, total everything after each year and print it each time. The user can see how much they pay each year now.
  • If the user pays monthly, let user specify what month they start, and include¬†each month in your time period so they know what month they are in. Now the user will know what month they are paying what money and can plan for that.

I think I can add all of these in the allotted time. If I can figure out the table module I have to import, I will be able to figure out all the features. It just depends on how long figuring out the equations and modules will take. I think I can get all the features before its due, and I might want to add more if I have time, with some not listen above that I would have to figure out. I will focus on the basic table first, because that information is critical and means more than the other features.

I feel good about this program. I like what I am creating and will enjoy it. I think people can benefit from what I am doing, and so I will like programming it. I think I can accomplish everything in a timely manner and will end up building a nice program.


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