This is a mortgage calculator I made. I took the user’s mortgage cost, time, rate, and interest to determine the rate (monthly or yearly) payment. It also prints the final info nicely including duration, total payment, total interest, total principal, and rate payment. It asks the user if they want an Amortization Table and prints one if they do. If the user pays monthly, it will total everything after each year and print it each time. It will also let the user specify what month they start, and include each month in your time period so they know what month they are in. I have already written posts about the project if you want to read about my project, technical information, or the source code.


This is the on-screen instructions that appear when you start the program. They tell you what it is and how to run it.


This is the input part of the program. It asks for all the basic information that is needed to run the program. The user will input (in order) the duration, amount, interest, and rate, either monthly or yearly. This is necessary to run the program and calculate the data. It also asks if you want to see the table, and if you say yes and choose monthly, then it asks what month to start in.


This is the table that is displayed using PrettyTable if you choose to show it. It shows the rate being monthly, and if you start the mortgage in May. This is the most important part and shows the most useful information. It tells you your payment and where the money is going.


This is the final screen of the program. It displays the basic information at the end, including how much principal and interest was paid. It also tells you how much total money you paid. Then, you have the option to run it again. If so, it’ll start again. If not, it’ll promptly end, and that is what is shown above.

Here is a video showing my program in action.




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