Note to Reader: I did a lot to develop and change this piece. I changed the whole plot and storyline a bit, and I think it made it better. I hope the story is more suspenseful, now that I have revised it more. I would like the reader to know that this could possibly just be a introduction to a different story in the future, so I am open to ideas on how I could write a new story.

Case #149

A crumpled, battered newspaper fluttered through the wind and slowly
came to a stop, hitting a man walking on the sidewalk. He scratched the gray hairs on his chin before reaching down to pick it up. He took one look at the paper, and stuffed it into his pocket. The man proceeded to walk up the mighty concrete stairs of Hoffman Law and open the doors to the white building.
“Good morning, Mr. Coleman,” the receptionist said.
“Good morning, Leslie,” Joseph Coleman replied. “Beautiful fall
morning, isn’t it?”
“Why yes it is, Mr. Coleman. Here is some paperwork we have received
this morning,” Leslie said as she handed him a stack of white papers.
“Thank you,” Joseph responded.
He walked past the front desk and headed into the back, where his
office was. He took his coat off, and remembered the newspaper that had brushed his legs as he was walking. Joseph took the newspaper out of his pocket and began reading it.
Now, Joseph was a rather curious man, and had been since childhood,
so picking up this random newspaper off the ground was nothing new to him. His curiosity was one of the reasons he went into the whole law business in the first place. Joseph had decided he wanted to be a lawyer, and had gone to Tennessee Tech University, where he studied law and government. After graduating, he settled into the small town of a Columbia, Tennessee, and married his wife, Margaret. His internship at this law firm had turned into a full job, and he had worked there since.
The headline of the newspaper said: GREENWOOD’S BAKERY
OWNER FOUND DEAD IN HOME. This title caught his eye, and so he began reading it. The article explained how a man named Bill Greenwood, who had owned a small bakery here in town, was found dead in his own home. A biopsy revealed it was poison injected directly in the back of his neck, so they concluded it was murder. They also found no signs of a struggle, leading them to believe that it was someone Bill knew and voluntarily let into the house. The date on the newspaper said “June 29, 2007.” Joseph decided to go talk to his secretary about the case, to see if anything happened. He walked over to Jeanne’s office, where he found her busy at work.
“Hey Jeanne, can I ask you a question?” Joseph asked.
“Uh yea sure!” Jeanne replied.
“Do you remember a case here in town about 10 years ago, with a man
named Bill Greenwood who was murdered?”
Jeanne thought for a moment, before exclaiming, “Oh yea I do
remember that! He was such a nice guy though, I used to go to his bakery all the time.”
“Well, did they find the killer?” asked Joseph.
“Actually,” she said, “after doing the biopsy to find his cause of death,
the case just completely died, and no one even mentioned it. It was the weirdest thing…
“Huh, that is weird, but thanks for helping me out!” Joseph waved a
goodbye and starting walking back to his office.
I wonder what happened, Joseph thought. That case is really peculiar.
He decided he wanted to find out more about the the murder, so he
started researching Bill Greenwood to see if he had any family. He found that he had one son, named Trevor Greenwood, who still lived in Columbia, as a police detective.
“I should go ask him about his father,” Joseph whispered to himself.
He walked down to the police station, which was just a few blocks to
the right of the law firm. When he reached the station, he inquired about Trevor Greenwood.
“Does Trevor Greenwood work here?” He asked.
“Why yes, he does, why do you ask?” the woman said.
“Oh, well I’m Joseph Coleman, a lawyer at Hoffman Law, and I am
working on a case that Trevor was involved in, and I would like to know more about it.”
“Sure, I can go lead you to him! Just let me lead you through the
security precautions first.”
Joseph went through the metal detector and was also checked to see if
his occupation was real. He was then escorted through the building, until he found a man sitting on the edge of the table.
Trevor was a slender, skinny man with dark brown eyes. He seemed
insecure and very awkward. He was tapping his foot on the ground uncontrollably as Joseph walked towards him, and Trevor’s eyes kept darting around frantically, as if he was paranoid or suspicious about something.
“Hello, Trevor,” Joseph said.
“Hello… what is your name?” Trevor asked.
“I am Joseph Coleman, and I have a few questions about your father,”
Joseph explained.
As soon as Joseph said “father”, he noticed a different look go over
Trevor’s face, one of despair, but also like he was hiding something.
“Oh… okay,” Trevor said reluctantly.
“Do you know how your father died, or why?” Joseph asked.
“I don’t… they said he was murdered, with a syringe, and then they just
stopped talking about it,” Trevor put his head down nervously. “That’s all I know, and there’s nothing more to it.”
“Okay, Trevor, well thank you for your time.” Joseph sat up and was
escorted out, while many people in the office exchanged quick glances.
He went back to the office, and sat down at his desk, and contemplated
the whole murder. This whole thing is just weird… he thought. What is Trevor hiding? He proceed to get back on his computer, and once again tried to look up news reports about the case. Shock crept over his face, as the computer screen now read, “No results.” He slumped back in his chair, wondering how there could be nothing about it online. Joseph realized the only way he could figure anything out was to go and find Trevor. He needed to figure out what really happened. Joseph decided to wait until Trevor came home from work, so he could consult him privately and actually get answers.
Joseph found Trevor’s address online, and once it the clocked reached
seven, he left the office to go to his house. The whole ride there, he couldn’t stop thinking about how weird everything was about the case.
“Who killed him?” Joseph asked to himself.
He turned into the neighborhood, and that’s when he saw the same
black sedan that had been following him the whole drive. He quickly glance at the side mirror, but the windows of the car were tinted.
“That’s just a coincidence,” Joseph said to himself.
That theory proved to be true when it turned at the next intersection he
crossed. Joseph made his way to Trevor’s house, and walked up and knocked
on the door. Trevor opened the door, but seeing who it was, he slammed the door immediately.
“Trevor!” Joseph yelled. “Please, let me in.”
“Why?! I don’t have to do anything,” Trevor shouted back.
“Well maybe we can find out the real reason your father is dead if you
just let me in!”
The door slowly opened, and Joseph walked through the door. They
both sat on the couches in the living room.
“Trevor, what really happened with your father?”
“They killed him.”
“I don’t know. The police chief did it, and I saw it all happen. Chief
Carlson said that he had people that wanted my father dead.” Trevor explained.
“But why would they want him dead?” asked Joseph.
Trevor got up and said, “I don’t know, but there is a lot of stuff that my
dad left behind in the attic.”
He led Joseph to the attic, and they climbed a ladder up to it. Trevor
brought down a box. He opened it up and took out a stack of papers. Trevor gave it to Joseph, who began reading.
Joseph’s heart began pounded as he uncovered the information that he
was reading before his eyes. Senators, congressmen, city officials; all whose names were on these papers. Each one had a separate paper, which showed their faces, with an ID that is only found in Russia. People he had seen on TV, now with a Russian name next to their photo. This could only mean one thing: Russia had successfully infiltrated hundreds of their own into the government. They had immigrated to the US, and climbed the hierarchy of the government. No one knew they were Russian, or were affiliated with Russia. He kept going through the papers, and saw Chief Carlson’s name on the list.
“Wow,” Joseph said.
“What is it?” asked Trevor.
“Your father uncovered Russia’s whole scheme to infiltrate our
government,” Joseph explained. “There are people who work for Russia within our government right now that no one knows about. Chief Carlson is one of them. My guess is that he received a tip on what your father discovered, and had to kill him.”
Trevor stood in his place, shocked, and at a loss for words.
When he finally understood the information, he looked at Joseph and
said, “This is bigger than what I originally thought.”
“This is bigger than what everyone thought. It’s a matter of national
As soon as the words left his mouth, he heard a car screech to a halt,
right in front of the house.
“Put the box away!” Joseph yelled.
Trevor hurried up the ladder, threw the box in the attic, shut the door,
and jumped off. Joseph ran and looked out the window to see the same black sedan that was following him earlier. He saw four armed men run out of the car. Joseph turned around to see Trevor standing behind him with a pistol.
“Get behind me,” Trevor shouted.
The men burst through the door, and Trevor immediately shot one with
a couple pistol shots. But that wasn’t going to be enough. The men realized where they were, and Joseph stood behind a wall and watched Trevor fall to the ground, dead.
“This is bigger than you understand. You should never have meddled
with this business,” one of the men said. “You know too much now.”
And with that, the man fired a single shot, straight into the skull of its
target. The lifeless body of Joseph Coleman crumpled to the ground, taking all of his secrets with him, until the story would be discovered once again.

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  • lexie.kreizel

    This story is really good, although it was lengthy, I️ wanted to keep reading and find out who was the victim. The whole time I️ thought it was going to be the son, but then you totally got me at the end! Great job on the writing and suspense of this story!

  • kassidy.johnson

    This story has great detail. I like the description of the ending.

  • Vladimir Putin

    Fake news

  • Russian Bratva

    You must die. You know too much


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