If you are here, you probably have nothing else to do, so here’s some info about me. My name is Tanner Lebo. I am a student that lives in Nebraska. I am a Christian, Lutheran, to be exact. I run cross country, and play basketball, golf, and baseball. I like to play sports and watch sports, coincidentally. For my career, I would consider being an architect, attorney, or a job involving criminal investigation. I would consider myself hardworking in school, and a fairly good student. Like I said before, I enjoy playing many sports, but obviously Fortnite is better than all of that. My future goal in the game is to earn the Omega skin and all of the upgrades for the skin. That is my passion in life, playing Fortnite.

When I approach reading and writing, I’m usually look for something very entertaining to read and write about. I’m usually writing stories that are in depth and mostly enjoyable to read. If you are going to read my pieces, just know they are for entertainment and not much more, when I do creative writing. When I’m writing essays, they are for deeper understandings within text and life.