Tanner Lebo

Based on the reading of my book, I have determine that adversity are troubles
that people face in their lives. These troubles and trials may inhibit some abilities, or be hard to deal with, but they can be overcome. Everyone will face adversity in their lives, but these can be overcome through persistence and getting outside your comfort zone in order to conquer it. Through the book I read and the presentations I listened to, I found out that everyone is facing that adversity in the book, but are trying to overcome it. They have to face their fears and get outside their comfort zone through doing things they wouldn’t normally do. By doing this, they can conquer the adversity and will learn from it. Adversity is a good thing to face, because it will teach you how to deal with issues and be better from it. For example, Christopher had to face his adversity with his autism by talking to strangers and being in a room with many people. He slowly conquered some of his social problems through this, and accomplished his goal of making it to London despite his adversity. Also, the guy in To Touch the Top of the World, he decided to climb a mountain in order to overcome his adversity. He had to face his fears of climbing when he was blind, and he could overcome his blindness. He may never be able to get rid of the adversity or change it, but he could overcome it by learn to cope with it and function normally. Adversity may be something you will always have with you, like blindness, or it could be temporary that you could potentially get rid of or forget. If you will always have it, one could find a way to deal with it and not let it inhibit any of their skills, but function normal with it. If it’s temporary, one could forget about it or overcome it in a way that it will never affect them again, and they could get rid of it.

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