I really liked Hotel Rwanda. It was really entertaining and a great story of heroism and bravery. It really showcases the disposability that goes on within one society. It exposes the hate that was shown onto the Tutsi’s, by the Hutus. The Hutus have overtaken Rwanda, and see the Tutsi’s as disposable. They see them as a burden and that have no place in the Hutu’s society. That is their reason to hate them and try to eliminate them. Similarly, we see disposable people in our society. We treat the poor, old, sick, imprisoned, and people from other races as disposable. As they said to Paul in Hotel Rwanda, “You aren’t even a n*****, you’re an African!” He explained how we Americans don’t even see our own black people as useful, so we don’t even care about Africans, and we see them as disposable. The pope talks about the people we see as disposable, and how we shouldn’t. We should commit to care for others, and serving them. He says that we should respect all people, and see no one as disposable. We must conserve our resources and give to the poor, and don’t accept the throwaway culture. I agree with this, I think we should respect and care for everyone, and not see anyone as disposable. Everyone has a purpose, and shouldn’t just be thrown away. They might not see their potential, and maybe no one else does, but they still have a place in society and should be helped and cared for. They should not be seen as disposable, but as functional people of society to be looked after. As Christians, we must make sure this doesn’t happen, and must help those seen as disposable. We must stop the throwaway culture and work to prevent people to be just looked away from and ignored, but cared for and helped.

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