I think Death of a Salesman is a very interesting book, to say the least. But, I think it’s also pretty depressing, because it left me questioning my life. It makes you think about so many different things and question the reality that you thought life was. I never wanted to end up like the Loman family, because that wouldn’t be fun always arguing like that. Death of a Salesman talks about the American Dream. It explains that the dream is to be number one and be well liked by everyone. That is the key to being successful. You must gain a community of people that like you so that you can die and be remembered by everyone. In reality, though, this doesn’t happen. Not everyone is going to be number one. You don’t have to be liked by everyone to be successful, either, which was one thing that Willy had wrong. I wish Arthur Miller would’ve elaborated on the end, to see how everything ended up, because it was such a sad book. Miller basically wants to show what the dream is, but how not many people achieve it. He shows that lots of people spend their whole lives trying to achieve it, but it will never happen. Miller kind of shows that you need money to be happy and achieve the dream, which is logical, but as Christians, we know that it is not true. Willy wants to be accepted by everyone, although that won’t happen. He thinks that being a salesman will end up with people liking him and him dying a “death of a salesman” where everyone remembers him. He doesn’t want to accept what the reality is and even get a better job. Death of a Salesman is an interesting book, and really makes you think, but it’s not my kind of book, because it made me feel sad and the book wasn’t very happy.

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