We took some personality tests in Interpersonal Communication. My results were that I was a Blue/Gold Beaver. I think the trait of being a Beaver really suits me well, because I am a perfectionist and am really hard on myself. I like doing things step by step by instructions, without much thinking. I know that I am thorough and very detail oriented, which is why I’m a perfectionist and when I see one little thing wrong, I have to change it. With the colors, I see myself in a little bit of both. For gold, I do think I’m stable and want to be useful and self sufficient. I organize and have plans. I definitely am drawn to respected occupations because i want to be in a position where I will be respected. I need structure to function, and i am responsible and dedicated. But, I sometimes don’t believe work comes before play, and i don’t prepare for the future as much as I should. I also see myself in Blue because of sharing emotions and going for feelings instead of logic. I am constantly in search of who I am and want to be unique, so I think that Blue does describe me pretty well. But, I don’t see myself in blue because I don’t really strive to nurture and love Literature. I can see myself apply this to my perception, because I can see who I am and play to my strengths. I will see the world differently, based on feelings instead of logic.

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